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Titel: MONSTERMEAT Freaksparty at Boots Antwerpen
Beitrag von: Chef am Juli 17, 2014, 03:00:38 Nachmittag
The Boots - Van Aerdtstraat 22, 2060 Antwerpen
22.30h - ...

Are allowed: everybody into pumping, also saline and silicone guys who are into pumping of course, because it is the MONSTERMEAT-WEEKEND you can of course show-off upstairs and in the dark-rooms...

Practical info:
Everybody has to bring his own pumping material. Please mark it with your name (sticker-marker) to avoid problems afterwards!
Everybody is responsible for his own material, so be careful with your expensive toys. No complaints afterwards. The Boots nor the organizer is responsible.
Saline-glucose kits and material will be foreseen at the bar and at the cloakroom. You can buy it for a reasonable price.
For dudes new into this: experienced guys will demonstrate and help.

During this weekend a lot of huge-meat admirers will be visiting The Boots. Don't be shy to show them your cock-fueled sex package upstairs or in the playrooms. Once your lucky bag unzipped their hormones will start raging. (